Monday, February 06, 2006

Google Base Gets Spammed

A great dig by bobvilla pointing to some questionable postings on Google Base for illegal movie and program downloads. After a recent clean up of Froogle, Google may get down and dirty and throw out a whole bunch of these questionable postings for warez and other illegal downloads once Kazaa was famous for. Most analyst agree Google’s positioning these new services to monetize a wider variety of web content. Google Base picks up where the Google crawlers left off, picking up content from webmasters who either don’t own their website or simply looking for a new sources of visitor traffic. The problem as I see it is a clear lack of control what actual gets into Google Base. One might argue the free classified service offered by Google is still in beta, and the bugs are yet to be worked out, but similar problems first started with porn related content being allowed into Google Base just a few weeks ago.We can except Google to sweep Google Base clean once again, until of course someone finds something else offensive or illegal to post on Google Base.


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