Thursday, September 07, 2006

Why Search Engine Optimizer and Search Engine Optimization?

A Search Engine Optimizer or SEO simply makes sure a website appears at the choicest position on the search of a particular term.
Mumbai, India - Imagine an orchestra at a concert with the guitarist strumming a guitar with broken strings and the drummer drumming with broken drumsticks. Imagine the face of the conductor with a broken baton and all the worst fears and dreams in world coming true accompanied with a cacophony in the name of symphony. Music?

Precisely the reason why a website on the Internet should be optimized.
Aditya Infotech explains the term Search Engine Optimization as a continuous and ongoing process where the architecture of the website and the website itself remains updated with the objective to return a particular search term on a particular search engine with the correct search result. Here the content and structure of the website's copy and page layout, the meta-tags, and the submission process make sure the required takes place. No horror stories of searching a mole and finding a mouse.
Precisely the reason why websites are entrusted to Search Engine Optimizers.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO simply makes sure a website appears at the choicest position on the search of a particular term. Search Engines generate more than eighty seven percent of traffic on the Internet thus reaching targeted audiences for particular purposes for the communication of messages. Search Engine Optimizers have made and continue to make successes of marketing campaigns not only on the internet but offline as well.

A wise investment in Search Engines and Search Engine Optimization for the benefit of cash registers makes way to profitable futures for websites. A website on the Internet from conception to maturity, from Domain Registration to Search Engine Submission, and from Website Hosting To Search Engine Optimization, from the beginning with no end calls for an expert Search Engine Optimizer.

Consider not having to consider complicated procedures and terminology like, Keyword Research, Initial Search Engine Optimization report, Competition Analysis report, Pre-Optimization Ranking Report, Creation Of Title Tags based on initial keyword research, Description Tags, Keyword Tags, Alt Tags, Comment Tags, H1 – H2 Tags, Search Engine Submissions To More Than 9000 Search Engines And Directories, Free One way links, Creation Of Themed Link Pages, Manual Link Requests To Related Websites, Proper Use of Robots.txt file, W3c Validations for Home page, Image Optimization, On page Optimization, Key Phrases Optimization, Website Traffic Analysis, Competent Customer Support.

Consider all these taken care of by the Search Engine Optimizer. No horrible tales in the name of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. No that’s whys!



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