Saturday, January 31, 2009

Do Follow Social Book Marking Sites

Social Bookmarking is a nice way to get some “additional” Google juice (and traffic), particularly when you have a lot of backlinks and need that little bit of extra numbers.

Here are 60 social bookmarking sites that have dofollow links and do pass some Google juice one way or the other to the listed sites. Let me warn you that these are not effective if your link building campaigns ends with only these, but they are nevertheless worth a try.

Mind you, although these “might” work with extremely low competing keywords, they don’t stand a chance to substitute a proper healthy link building strategy/campaign.

  • Slashdot

  • Connectedy  

  • Connotea

  • Current

  • Mixx

  • MyBlogLog

  • Mister Wong

  • NowPublic

  • BlinkList

  • Newsvine

  • Ma.gnolia

  • Backflip BibSonomy

  • Kirtsy

  • Searchles

  • coRank

  • LinkaGoGo

  • Clip Clip

  • Associated Content

  • Furl

  • Yahoo My Web

  • Spurl

  • Rawsugar

  • BumpZee

  • My Link Vault

  • Shoutwire

  • Faves

  • Spotback

  • BuddyMarks

  • Propeller

  • Blogging Zoom

  • Oyax

  • 9rules

  • Blogoria

  • MemeStreams

  • Edopter

  • BlogMarks

  • TeDigo

  • MyPIP


  • Contentpop

  • Pixelmo

  • Memfrag

  • Getigadget

  • Jumptags

  • Plugim

  • Syncone

  • Postonfire

  • Business-planet

  • Hatedorloved

  • Bookmarks

  • Yattle

  • Kapely

  • Givealink

  • Totagit

  • Socialblink

  • Wigleytagz

  • Buzztagz

  • Youtagz

  • Space-ed

  • Jumptags

  • Have fun trying them out. I don’t guarantee that all of them work, but some of them are really good while some give only temporary links. I suggest you take some time out and try out each one, trust me you’ll find some gems in there.


    Blogger Moe Tamani said...

    Great bookmarking is one of the way for website promotion as on social website we can make people aware abt the website as well as product. Moreover not only we earn traffic from social website ..

    11:04 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi thanks for sharing list of bookmarking site but can you please share dofollow blog list please...
    Thanks in advance...

    4:05 PM  

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