Thursday, March 04, 2010

Gogle Webmaster Tools: Simplifies Verfication for Multiple Owners

Google has announced a easiest way to share ownership of verified sites in google webmaster tools.

instead of having upload multiple files or creating meta tags, there is new "" Add User" tool on the site verication page. There is no confirmation involved the new owner has access as soon as this form is used. And these extra owners have the same level of access and power inside Webmaster Tools as the primary owner. As you can see on the image below, the new owners must also have a Google account.

Google Spam Report

Now google going on new algorithms for links spam. so we can report directly to google through this link

If that’s too hard to remember, you can also use the shortcut

which will pre-populate the text area field to say “linkspam” in it. Note: to use these forms, you must sign in with a Google account. We’re moving away from using the anonymous spam report form.

Thanks in advance for any data you’d like to send our way!

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