Saturday, February 18, 2006

Link trading benefits

One of the most difficult areas to improve your site is getting more incoming links.
You need to make link exchanges, with other blogs and traditional websites, to help yourself. Trades are good for everyone!

Those incoming links, or backlinks as they are often called, are important for several reasons.
First of all, links to your blog will get you more traffic. The more visitors to your site, the better. As with anything else, unless people know your great blog exists, they can't read it. Incoming links enable you to share readers with another blogger. They in turn enjoy visits from your readers who benefit from enjoying another great blog experience.

Google's PageRank is based on the number and the quality of your incoming links. For those unaware of their blog's PageRank, it can be seen as a green line on the Google Toolbar. Download one and check your blog's PageRank.

Google considers a link to your site to be a vote in its favour. The more votes the better, is one way to look at it. Another aspect of Google PageRank is it weights the links by importance of the linking page. For example, Google will give your blog much more PageRank credit, from a link from a PageRank 7 site, than from a PageRank 2 site.

More high PageRank incoming links raise your blog's PageRank considerably. Even if your current PageRank is fairly low, it will still assist your link trading partner to some degree, regardless of their ranking.

Besides, your PageRank and theirs, can also go up over time. If your link exchange partner has a low PageRank, you and they can help raise one another. That is real cooperation.

Incoming links are also important, in the placing of your blog in the search returns, for your chosen keywords. The more high ranking incoming links you have, the higher your blog will appear in the search returns. Along with those important backlinks, be sure to keep adding lots of keyword rich content to your blog. Google counts fresh content heavily too.

As you find link trading partners, who share your common interests, you will see your visitor traffic improve.

Your Google PageRank will get ever higher.

You will also rank higher in the search results.

All of these results are a result of cooperation with other blogs. They are the end product of mutually beneficial link exchanges.

Make some link trades today.

Assisting other bloggers helps you as well!


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