Tuesday, February 28, 2006

SEO Tips: 10 Useful tips

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I've been using the free version of Web CEO this evening and even in the free version I've picked up a lot of useful tips to help with my Search Engine Optimisation.

Here are 10 things that I've learnt so far:

1. Don't use stop words like "and" "on" "a" "the" "about" "are" "that" "were" "by" "of" as search engines don't take these auxiliary words into consideration. By using a stop word in your Title tag, you potentially damage your rankings.

2. Keep the max number of words on a page under 1320. Analysis has shown that the top sites have no more than this per page. My page had 4495 words so I'm going back to posting just extracts on the homepage.

3. Put your keywords in bold as this tells the search engines these words are important.

4. Put your keywords in your titles as this tells the search engines these words are important.

5. Display your keywords at the end of the page. I've cheated here a bit and added a new nav at the bottom of all my pages that has my keywords as searches.

6. Use tags for your titles as Search Engines pick these up. The blogware template doesn't use these tags as standard so it took me a while to work out how to add them without my title font getting out of control, but I managed it.

7. Put your Keywords in your Alt image tags. “ http://www.seoservicesgroup.com “ to learn why. All the images within my template now do this and I will try and add tags into any images I manually add from now on.

8. Keep your page size under 100Kb. Google only stores this as a maximum in its cache so any bigger and some of your content will get missed (Yahoo's max is 500Kb)

9. Watch your colours. If your text is similar in colour to your backgrounds some search engine will consider this spam

10. Keyword Weight.

Keywords must appear at in at least 1% of the words on the page.


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