Thursday, March 02, 2006

WebStream Announces New SEO Plans

Feature different levels of applications and offers keyword research; also includes hosting, competitive analysis and local listing creations for Google & Yahoo.

WebStream, a web hosting company and Internet services provider, recently released new and enhanced search engine optimization (SEO) plans for increasing traffic for client web sites via the major search engines.

The company says that its new SEO plans are scalable in cost and incorporate the latest applications for achieving higher rankings and search engine results. The new SEO plans feature different levels of applications and include the use of keyword research, link popularity reports, image optimization, meta-tag creation and usability and site-flow reports.

Additionally, the plans provide DMOZ directory submission, robot text files and customized 'error 404' pages. Some plans also include hosting, competitive analysis, local listing creations for Google and Yahoo, RSS news feeds, and press release services.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There’s an insightful article over at the Financial Times today that talks about the oddity of an industry that can account for such a large percentage of online advertising spend despite taking up just 5% of a user’s time online.

From the article:

But, looked at another way, the search engines run by Google, Yahoo and MSN have a weirdly high share of internet advertising. Most people spend 95 per cent of their time on the internet doing other things than searching. They read new sand entertainment sites, send e-mail or instant messages, blog about their beliefs or even display indecent photographs of themselves.

So 5 per cent is the number that Google, Yahoo and Microsoft’s MSN Search should worry about: the amount of internet time devoted to searching. Perhaps it is even lower, since a lot of searches are so broad and unconnected with any impulse to spend money that no one will buy a linked advertisement. Whatever it is, an awful lot of advertising revenue flows from a single digit.

The article goes on to talk about the possible shift toward more behavioral targeted advertising and wonders whether it may eventually have an impact on search’s reign over the world of online advertising. While it’s possible, it’s also important to remember that search engines are also working on behavioral targeting and demographic targeting that’s likely to help increase the ROI of search advertising campaigns down the road as well.

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