Thursday, October 05, 2006

Groundbreaking Ecommerce Software Released by Top 15 Search Engine Optimization Firm

“PrimeCart is the only ecommerce software of which we are aware that was created specifically for search engines by a top ranked search engine optimization firm," commented Matt Foster, President of ArteWorks Business Class. "PrimeCart solves the problem of search engine invisibility that most ecommerce platforms face. We are confident that this is the most search engine friendly shopping cart software available on the market today."

"ArteWorks Business Class has demonstrated that it is a leader in its field, showing superior service levels and performance for their clients," commented Bill Peden of "ArteWorks Business Class is a standout amongst the many Internet marketing vendors in the $5 billion plus search marketing industry."

PrimeCart is affordable to small business, with pricing beginning at only $59.00 per month, yet powerful enough for enterprise. It is loaded with search engine features such as static url's, dynamically generated Google sitemaps and Froogle feeds, individual product page optimization, and eliminates problematic session id's and dynamically-generated product pages which are largely invisible to search engines.

"It is important to remember that search engines rank pages, not sites. It is therefore crucial that each product page not only be visible to the search engines, but be individually optimized for the contents of that page. The vast majority of ecommerce software applications available today simply ignore basic search engine optimization techniques, such as custom head tags, H1 tags, image alt attributes, and allow for no or limited unique product page optimization. Additionally, advanced techniques such as RSS feeds and content syndication are noticeably absent in most off the shelf systems," continued Foster.

PrimeCart comes with a free trial and a "no hassle, money back guarantee". More information on PrimeCart can be found at


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I love writing on the topic software, but making software is altogether a different thing. Today we have many software development companies around the world but what helps a company to stand out is the quality of software it develops. When you have a prospect looking at your product and comparing it to half a dozen others, you need to stand out somehow. Features in a product may make headlines, but customers won't hang around if they don't get quality service and support.

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Ecommerce Solutions helps you to establish and manage your online store. Ecommerce Shopping Cart is one of the highly sought after commerce solutions that is increasingly used for facilitating online sales.

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