Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Winning this keyword was my dream

Winning this keyword among the search engines was my dream come true. I've been working over this keyword for the last 2 years and finally seashellwebs.com is there when queried for Search Engine Optimization Mumbai and Search Engine Marketing Mumbai at Google.com.
After a long and dedicated work I planned the content of my website and finally reached this peak.

Through out the exercise I made it a point that I do not spam with the keywords. I hired my junior collegues to manually find all relevant Search Engine Marketing Consultants all over the world, and then asked to add them to this directory manually. Soon the directory due to its genuine listings become popular and there's it now ranking for http://www.blogger.com/">Search Engine Optimization Mumbai

My next goal is now to try and optimize the website for search engine optimization india, Another valuable keyword. I hope to reach there soon.


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