Friday, December 22, 2006

Common Mistake of SEO and Inernet marketing Freshers

Mistake 1. Thinking the same as the rest of the crowd.
Learn to reach beyond traditional “keyword research” and practice building your behavioral research skills. The biggest obstacle is usually our own minds and the fact that our head is already full of keywords that we may think are good words. But with a little practice, you’ll find a whole new way of researching your ideal buying audiences search behavior.
Remember that performing excellent keyword/behavioral research up front, allows for excellent traffic even with only the mildest optimization.

Mistake 2. New students sometimes tend to over-use their keyword phrase.
Many new students would do much better if they were to back off on how often they are using their keyword phrase. Sometimes they tend to over-use single words that are part of the whole phrase, but if they are relying on some tool to advise them on keyword density and prominence but they’d be better to just shut the tool off. Then back off on the over use of single words and use “synonyms” of those words instead.

Mistake 3. Not focusing on creating high-value content.
The use of artificial intelligence is making it more and more important to create Web sites that are well-written both contextually and grammatically as well. It’s far better to create a Web page that contains quality content and has some value to the visitor. Create a page that delivers true value to your readers and deserves to be ranked in top spot.

Mistake 4. Sitting for too long on their most recent research.
The most important aspect, is that the student needs to get started right away, as soon as possible. Far too many people short change themselves by sitting on their research far too long. The sooner you get busy and start optimizing your pages, the sooner you will attain that all important comfort level and know that you can get the results you need.
Don’t spend hundreds of hours doing research or fiddling with code when you could be creating fresh, original, content that will stand the test of time in the rankings.

Mistake 5. Being afraid to research new market places and test out ideas.
Test all of your ideas and spread them all throughout your Web site.
It’s extremely important to test out all of your ideas and see how well you do. We are often our own worst enemies when it comes down to trying new things. If people would just take the time to do more testing, it is amazing what new things you will discover. Optimizing your pages for a single focus (one researched keyword phrase per page) will render much greater activity that trying to optimize a page for several different topics that break up your focus.


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