Monday, March 20, 2006

Web Site Marketing - Diffusing The Google Bomb

submits "Each month, or thereabouts, as search positioning changes are noticed as a result of the latest Google algorithm updates, an analysis of what happened occurs. The analysis of the update ensues in many news groups and discussion groups and invariably, there never seem to be many people happy with the updates.

This month, the focus of attention is links, and the way Google uses them. I've noticed a lot of discussion in Search Engine Watch(1) about the fact that "out of touch executives" no longer displayed their link to #1 at Google. The discussion veered between almost paranoid sounding "Is Google censoring results it does not like?" to the more rational and scientific, "If Google changes X then Y is the result, therefore it is logical that the results would be affected in this way." Invariably, there were holes in every argument except one, which although was not quite on the mark, at least pointed in the right direction... read more"


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